Bloom Nepal School is a selective academic institution and requires all the prospective students to take an entrance exam before we can admit them to one of our classes. The idea of the entrance exam is to not just test your academic strengths but to assess you on your critical thinking skills, creativity and to give us an idea of how we can best help you pursue your interest when you join us. Please click the appropriate links to download the examination question paper for your selected class. These questions will give you an idea of what you will be subjected to in terms of academic rigor at Bloom and will help you prepare accordingly for our entrance exam.

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Class 9

Class 10**

**Please note that only in very rare cases does Bloom admit students in Grade 10. This is due to the documentation required for the SEE exams. However, if your child fits the profile of a Bloom Student, we would certainly be pleased to take extra effort to make sure they can join us. Please contact the School for more details if your child would like admission in class 10.