• Is Bloom Nepal a afterschool?


  • What is special about Bloom Nepal?

    It is a low cost residential school, which provides interest based education. The school provides scholarships to best and brightest young children in the country and connects them to teachers and well wishers who have international bases.

  • What grade levels does the school cater to ?

    Classes 1 – 10.

  • How big is the school?

    Currently, we have a little over 100 students. We plan on reaching about 200 students. Our student population will never exceed 200 students as we plan on having small classrooms thus providing individualised care to every students.

  • When will admission session start?

    The admission session runs from March 1 to April 28 (Mid-Falgun to Mid-Baisakh), every year. You can visit to us directly to the school or call us for information on admission.

  • What is the fee structure like ?

    Bloom Nepal School is one of the most affordable private schools in Nepal. You can visit https://bloomn.edu.np/fees/ for more information.

  • How far is it from the ring road?

    You can get a bus/tempo/hiace from Gwarko. It takes around 20 minutes to reach Sanagaun Chowk, from where you have walk a little.

  • How can a student get a scholarship?

    Scholarships are available to some students each year. Please visit https://bloomn.edu.np/scholarships/ for information on how one can get a scholarship.

  • What are the minimum academic qualifications required to enrol in the school?

    Student should have passed the preceding grade in the best of his/her ability. We may take standardised test to ensure if a student can adapt to the academic rigour of Bloom Nepal School.

  • What unique opportunities does Bloom Nepal School have?

    Our students enthusiastically participate in UWC scholarships, and school provides ample support. Bloom Nepal School is one of the four schools in Nepal, among BNKS, GBS, and SOS, allowed to participate in Pestalozzi Scholarship selection test. E-learning and library’s use is huge in Bloom Nepal School.

  • What are the hostel facilities?

    We have a close-knit family environment with clean and green surrounding away from dust and noise of the city. A balanced regular meal is available four times a day. A few teachers are always present inside the school boundary to help students with academics and counselling. Preliminary health facilities are available inside the school, while students are taken to nearby hospital (mostly, Kist Hospital, Gwarko) for further treatment. Don’t worry, we are all a part of a big family, and all students are safe and happy when with us!