Kritim K Rijal

My mind wanders to constructed places and situations, often so new and mysterious that many seconds pass before I can switch back to normalcy. This one happened in Science class. We were learning about diffusion- a property of any object to move from higher concentration to lower concentration. No sooner had the teacher covered the chapter, I had detached myself from the classroom.  My journey to imagination began with asking myself if goodness or badness in human beings also followed laws of diffusion. It did not take long to realize that this was not case. If it would be true, goodness would also flow from higher concentration to lower concentration and every human being in the World could be characterized by single value of goodness or badness. Likewise, by extension of the law, all countries in contact should be at the same level of development. All the good and bad companions should settle down at equilibrium level of goodness. However, this is now how the real world behaves.

Often times, the opposite is true. Developed countries continue to become more developed. When poor people are living together, the society can become even poorer. When two people come in contact, either both the companions become really good or turned out to be really bad. So there’s no diffusion in the real world but why?

I got troubled by my own questions and wanted to seek the truth.  I ventured into the repository of all learning that I had made so far and attempted to unveil the mystery but in vain. Just then I was brought back to real world as my teacher announced  that we had to complete the class-work before the period ended. I did not know what had to be done so I approached the classmate on my left to guide me. She would not tell me. I asked her again and this time, she replied but in brief and with hesitation so conspicuous that it almost felt as though she was being dishonest. I was angry and wanted to tell her that I did not approve of her methods.  Somewhere in my mind, it clicked. I said, “This was it.” I had found my answer.

Something blocked the goodness inside her to migrate away from her to become part of more balanced system. It was the same pervasive human nature which has been annihilating human’s character for ages – the greed. Yes, the factor preventing diffusion in the real world was greed.  No person wants to descent his/her position and same goes for government as well. Greed makes good hearted people bad.

“Perhaps an egalitarian society is possible, if all people in the world can give up greed,” I concluded.   

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