Kritim K Rijal

Home: Dang

Graduated: 2073 BS

Topper of his class, Kritim, as described by his teacher was hardworking, resilient, and ambitious in nature. He was the School Captain of the academic year 2073.

“I can still remember the “me” four years back, filled with passion, obstinate to conquer the world but alas! No clue for which to choose and how to move. Nothing until I came to Bloom Nepal School.
The whimsical environment of the school pushed me to move out of my comfort zone and helped me excel not only in the academics but also in the extracurricular. This has supplied me with enough confidence to stay in any part of the world and pursue my passion with same aspiration.
The UWC scholarship, which I’m blessed with, is a mutual achievement of Bloom and me. This has brought sangvine hopes as it will allow me to be a part of a global community. All that I am today, Bloom has been sunlight to my photosynthesis.” ~ Kritim