The Objectives are:  (a) Produce creative, innovative and entrepreneurially spirited leaders who are highly trained in the field of their interest; (b) Establish a culture of interest driven Education; (c) Renovation of Nepal in technology, finance, tourism, urbanization, human and capital base in collaboration with the products from the school and market players.

Why Choose Us

Bloom Nepal School was created to impart interest based education at affordable range. The kids are happy and accomplished when they do what they want.

Bloom Nepal School is unique in several ways, ranging from teachers recruitment to the family environment. The exposure that the kids get in Bloom Nepal School is of high standards.

We offer education until Class 10. With us, your child will get :

Friends from all over the World
Teachers with international experience
Care in Hostel setting
Motivation to stretch wings
Career Guidance for further education


Bloom Nepal School was established in April 2013. It was based in Lalitpur-13, Nepal.

It only had 18 students in the first year. The number grew to 60 in the second and over 100 in the third.


Bloom Nepal School  will expand to 8 schools located at major educational hubs spanning across Nepal by 2030 AD. These schools will have technical and vocational offering, alternative/online education, colleges and universities all working together to establish stronghold of superior education practices in Nepal.


Our vision is to create a society where everyone has highly defined expertise in at least one field of interest and where these skills are being used to constantly upgrade technology, innovation and knowledge base.